If you're anything like I was, you're probably feeling:

I discovered specific strategies to clear the limiting beliefs that I didn’t even know I had. They had led to my over drinking in the first place, and were sabotaging ALL my efforts to control it! Gaining control over that changed everything for me! Not only is alcohol a non-issue for me, I now feel vibrant and more confident than I ever thought possible - truly free. I got my joy back!


• Disgusted with yourself because you let alcohol become such a priority.

• Frustrated with your broken promises and past failed attempts to change.

• Have difficulty owning your personal power.

• You are living in default mode, not the ideal life of your own design

• You’re not sure if you, the REAL you, is good enough to deserve the life you want

Gaining control over alcohol changed everything for me.


We all make mistakes. Our response to those mistakes is what determines their impact. The path of progress is not a perfect straight line.  


Change is much more sustainable (and enjoyable!) when we treat ourselves and others with compassion than with shame and blame.  


Alcohol is an addictive substance. The fact that we became addicted to it is NOT our fault, but it IS our responsibility.


I felt helpless. I felt ashamed, embarrassed and alone - until I had some fantastic coaching for which I will forever be grateful. My passionate purpose in life is to pay it forward, to help YOU experience the freedom YOU desire from alcohol - even if that doesn't mean quitting completely! So that you too can look back on your life as one worth living! Join me in crossing over the gap - your joyful life awaits!

I am on a mission to serve

I remember the hangovers, blackouts, self-loathing at 3 am, even the tiny blood vessels appearing on my nose. Now I have effortless mastery over alcohol.

From my journey, I can see what is possible for you ahead. Even if you’re full of doubt and skepticism like I was, together, we will get you the freedom you desire!

I have been where you are - and can show you the way forward

I had a back injury and now have a chiropractic degree, magna cum laude. I had an alcohol problem and now I am a Certified Coach with This Naked Mind.  

I have done deep-dive learning, so you don’t have to! I can streamline it for you. I love teaching, and strive to adapt to each person’s learning style. I don’t have to be here - I am here because I want to be.


Hey! I'm Dr. ingrid!

• Easy to learn and fast to implement. Won't take you more than a couple minutes a day. 

• Developed from latest scientific research.

• Like a magic trick - seems impossible until you learn the secret! No more trying to stop cravings on willpower alone. 

7 powerful tactics to beat your alcohol cravings!

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Easy to learn and fast to implement. No more trying to stop cravings on willpower alone. 

7 powerful tactics to beat your alcohol cravings!