Imagine a life where self-sabotage

never keeps you stuck

• Breakthroughs from stuck feelings!
• Actually reaching goals with support every step
• Not beating yourself up!
• Discontent and longing are a thing of the past!
• Using food/alcohol/retail therapy are no longer necessary to feel better!
• No more wasted time!
• Inner peace! Release yourself from judgment, shame or blame (who remembers sneaking the evidence to the trash bin?)
• You won the mental tug-of-war!


Beat the odds!
Win your battle with self-sabotage faster & easier than ever before.

I chose to handle my challenges with alcohol and was feeling trapped by my relationship with it, secretly asking myself some very scary questions about my future. I'd love to share with you the answers I found to these, and to others that I didn't even know to ask! 

I asked myself: Will I ever be able to handle challenges like a "normal person"?

Hey! I'm Dr. Cook, D.C.

-Alice,  Alabama

Anxiety is rare for me now! I am very grateful. I have confidence that I never thought I would, and feel prepared to handle things as they come up.

Dr. Cook believed in me more than I believed in myself.

-Howard,  Alabama

I realized I used to prioritize alcohol over everything else.  It was my de-stressor, and I thought I needed it to feel normal.  I learned to control it.

I still have a beer occasionally but it's not my God anymore.

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Discover your gifts and attributes that you believed were lacking (or missing altogether). One of the greatest adventures in living is getting to know yourself better!

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Be the Hero!

• Saboteurs will disguise themselves as being 'on your side', in fact, they did start as a benefit to you.

• Factor Analysis research has simplified all saboteurs into 10 categories. 

•  Identify which ones are most active for you - expose their lies and limiting beliefs.

Meet your 10 saboteurs!
The voices in your head that cause all negative emotion

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Identify them to expose their lies and limiting beliefs

Meet your 10 saboteurs! 
The voices in your head that cause all negative emotion